N & D wedding

On June 8th N & D got married at the El Pendolero in Torrelodones, Madrid

The friends gave them what will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable and fun elements of their wedding 3 hours of Flash Flash Box! all inclusive photo booth and for!

The service started at 1 in the morning and at 1:30 there was a line! was definitely a success. The guests opted more for the photo booth option at first but then also used the option to leave their video messages for the couple.

The couple continue to travel but when they return will review all material and once we have their approval we will give access to the private part of the website where the remaining ffbox.es guests will enjoy what happened that night.

We look forward to give us their feedback! and hope that their private space on the web site will become a fun time where to comment on photos.